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More Than Martial Arts and Fitness: Life Skills for Your Children

It's true. Martial arts can change lives. And the sooner martial arts are introduced into your life, the better. Thousands of children greatly benefited physically, mentally and emotionally because of martial arts. One of the most important gifts you can ever give your child is training in martial arts. Start right here at Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems!

Not Child's Play, But Kids Love It Nonetheless

The Children's Martial Arts Program at the Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems is designed around your child, starting at age 4. Whether your child holds a rank belt, or has little or no experience, we have the perfect program that's just right for them.

Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems, classes contain:

  • Stretching / conditioning
  • Aerobic workouts and fun drills
  • Anaerobic exercise
  • Self-defense tactics
  • Life skills, character development and
  • Tons of excitement!

Our professional and caring staff is always dedicated to helping every child. In addition to developing their martial arts expertise, our classes also focus on physical fitness, self-defense skills and, most importantly, their life skills. These exciting, fun and action packed classes provide complete martial arts training in a practical, fun and logical learning system while also teaching skills like patience, endurance and discipline.

Age-Appropriate Classes for Your Child's Success

Your child's success is important to us at Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems. That's why children are separated by age as well as experience. Making sure the students are in the proper class helps them learn faster, train safer and have much more fun.

Imagine a Child with Rock Solid Confidence

Your child will develop the confidence to walk away from peer pressure and learn the correct methods to deal with bullies. Our goal is to help your child become the respectful young person you've always known they could be. Imagine seeing your child in fantastic physical shape and is as emotionally healthy as they can be. Just don't be too shocked when your child's grades and attitude continually improve.

Kids and Parents Alike Love Our Staff

The staff here at Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems are professionals trained to teach your child everything they need to be successful. As professional martial artists, our staff is passionate about making sure your child achieves their goals. Be assured that everything being taught is handled safely and properly so that students can learn quickly and avoid injury. We also host numerous family events year round like movie nights, buddy night, holiday themed parties, our amazing bully prevention hands-on workshop and so much more.

Now’s the Time to Get Started

Martial Arts here at the Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems could be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to your child's future. No matter what goals you or your children might have, discuss them with us. Find out for yourself why we offer the best training program in North Carolina.

It costs nothing to get started. Because we are absolutely confident your child will love it here, we offer a free trial program so you can experience the excitement and lifelong benefits of martial arts with nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Start your child on the road to good health, physical fitness, and greater confidence today.

Call right now at 336-793-0878 to get started.

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