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Kernersville Core Karate & Martial Arts Systems

Kernersville Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems Means Fun, Fitness & Self-Defense for Everyone!

Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems of Kernersville, NC offers the finest martial arts instruction available anywhere. Designed to promote quick learning, fun, exciting, comprehensive and safe classes, you'll find our school provides a professional and comfortable atmosphere. Here you will enjoy:

  • World Class Karate,
  • Fitness Kickboxing,
  • Self-Defense,
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (MMA)

Are you searching for exciting, fun and action-packed classes? Do you want comprehensive martial arts training in a practical, tactical and logical self-defense method? If so, you're at the right place.

The Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems offer a martial arts program that’s second to none. Men, women and children of all ages, experience and fitness levels are welcome to take part. We pride ourselves in knowing that each every student receives the very best martial arts and whole body fitness instruction possible. Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems offer the following in every class...

  • Proper stretching – you will increase your flexibility and agility
  • Body conditioning – you will feel your endurance and strength begin to soar
  • Aerobic exercise and Anaerobic workouts
  • Real world, modern, proven self-defense techniques
  • Hours of fun, fun, fun!

Earning a Black Belt Starts on the Inside

Becoming a Black belt starts from the inside-out. What that means is our programs focus’ on developing the "complete person" and not just logging hours of exercise and instruction. When you become a black belt, it’s truly a transformation that takes place inside of you. So not only are the students in fantastic shape, they are also mentally, physically and emotionally fit. You will soon find that being a black belt is a way of life.

Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems provides classes to both children and adults. In addition, we also offer specialty classes such as Private Martial Arts Instruction, Self-Defense Classes for Women & Girls, Bully & Abduction Prevention Seminars and a host of other awesome workshops. In fact, we also offer birthday party celebrations where your child gets to be the karate star.

Proper Karate Training Requires the Proper Karate Staff

A karate school is only as good as its’ instructors. Each member at Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems has been professionally trained to teach martial arts and perhaps most importantly, help you or your children develop core values like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control and integrity.

Furthermore, our students boast that after training here for just a short period of time, they notice phenomenal boosts in their energy levels, stamina and overall well being. These same students are proud their training helped them develop an indomitable spirit that has led them to success at school, work and in their personal lives for years upon years.

Are You Ready to Improve Your Life?

Lots of people talk about improving their lives, but few people do it. You have the power now to take action for the better. Contact Core Karate & Mixed Martial Arts Systems today. Everyone has different goals and reasons for enrolling in classes. Tell us yours. We are certain that we have a program that will fit you perfectly. In fact, we're so sure we have a program for you that we offer you a free trial offer.

Are you serious about changing your life? Then you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by contacting us today at 336-793-0878. Let us show you how karate and mixed martial arts can make your world a better one.

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