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Do you want to lose weight? Gain confidence? Lose 800+ calories per class?

Fitness Cardio kickboxing is your answer!

Work the Entire Body

When most people exercise, they either do cardio or resistance training. Resistance training helps the muscles, but it’s difficult to effectively workout every muscle in one routine. This keeps you from efficiently using time, and leaves the rest of your body waiting for exercise.

Cardio training is great for losing fat, but it doesn’t really help you gain muscle. Not only that, but running can only do so much before your body gets used to the exercise and stops improving.

With fitness cardio kickboxing, the two are combined. You get resistance training from working on a bag, and every class works extra resistance training into the mix to get that chiseled physique you have been looking for, but just haven’t been able to get. Cardio is a major component of cardio kickboxing; each class focuses on footwork and movement, so you will sweat while building up muscle.

Self-Defense Training

Don’t think cardio kickboxing is just a bunch of movements that make you lose weight, there is another practical reason to join our classes: self-defense. You will learn all the basic offensive and defensive moves of kickboxing in an upbeat atmosphere.

If you never joined a martial arts class because you were worried about sparring, don’t even entertain the thought. Our classes are fun and all about exercise, not about getting beat up.

Lose the Boring Workout

Do you know the number one reason that prevents even the most dedicated people from continuing an exercise routine? Boredom. People get bored going to the gym everyday and lifting the same weights, doing the same movements, running the same areas, and only seeing minor improvement after several weeks.

Fitness cardio kickboxing is nothing like your boring routine. We focus on changing up each class, so you won’t know what to expect, which gets your muscles pumping and keeps you entertained. Not only that, but the fun vibe exuding from everyone else in the class is sure to crack a smile on your face as you dig deeper and pull harder to transform your body.

Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Works

There’s a lot of other exercise routines, some are just brief fitness crazes and others have been around for years, that promise great results. However, class after class, people don’t see much of a change in their body, but they do see a difference in their wallet as they pay more and more to see no real results.

Fitness cardio kickboxing works because it is a hybrid of some of the best gym and exercise routines practiced today. We take martial arts, boxing, cardio training, aerobics and resistance training, remove all the fluff, and give you the best parts. Everyone knows these work on their own, and when they are squashed together, you get one of the best exercises possible.

Maintain That Slender Shape

If you are already in shape, then you don’t care so much about transforming your body, you just want to maintain that slender shape you worked for years to get or you may want to build some strength and stamina. Cardio kickboxing has all the tools and techniques to keep even the fittest of people healthy and thin.

Not only that, but the challenging and exciting workouts are sure to keep you coming back each time, if not for the training, then just for the fun.

There have been hundreds of success stories from people using cardio kickboxing, and we want to add you to the list. Call us at 336-793-0878 to take advantage of our free trial program. So lose the pounds, have some fun, and join us today.

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